Thursday, 3 October 2013


Sometimes we find ourselves in trouble moments, no words to describe, blur thoughts to remember, hot tears that end up moulding us stronger. People we love and cherish die. All that will be left are memories of their good and bad times and smiles and frowns and fights and joyful moments..memories that we wouldn't trade away for the world. On days like this as always I remember my loves ones lost to death, smiling down at me and wishing me well. The tears of others suddenly awakes the thoughts you think has been dropped in the past. My people often say only death can bring a King to lay helpless to his people. How Sad indeed!!!

To those who have gone in the hope of rising again, May God in his infinite goodness be with them all.Amen
I haven't done any post on the recent Plane crash because different stories have been flying around. I don't want to be the one to mislead you guys so I will wait till the final news is confirmed.
In this same spirit I facilitate with the Entire Agagu Family..eternal rest unto the departed souls. Amen

Love and miss you mum!!!! Smile down on me!!!

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