Friday, 21 February 2014

So sad: man who allegedly stabbed his banker wife sentenced to death by hanging.

Three years after he was accused of killing Titilayo his banker wife,(by stabbing her all-over with a knife and dagger) Akolade Arowolo has been sentenced to death by hanging.

The trial judge, Justice Lateefa Okunnu of an Ikeja High Court while delivering her judgment today Friday, found Arowolo guilty on a one-count charge of murder. She said "I pronounce the defendant guilty and accordingly sentenced to death," 
Recall he said he didn't kill her but she stabbed herself to death..His narration below

"I did not kill my wife, I never thought of it, I would never have done that as I am not that kind of person.I loved my wife so much to want to see her hurt. And that's why I did all I could to ensure we stayed together. I loved my wife and my daughter, Olamide so much.
"That day she died was my birthday. I see birthdays as a new year in one's life and I usually pray at the early hours of that day. I prayed till 3am but was woken by my wife's kiss. We had sex for almost two hours and it was very good as we hadn't done such in a while.We later prayed and talked about how we could improve on our relationship as well as business opportunities."
While narrating the events on the day his wife died, Akolade said it was his wife that attacked him with a knife while he was trying to give her the phone to take her sister's (Folake) call.
He said he was caught unawares and tried all he could to avoid the stabs and take the knife from her but she only continued to lash out at him. "I was trying to regain my balance and was shouting, 'Omo, what's wrong with you.' But rather than answer me, she was shouting, 'I will kill you and kill myself.'The woman was possessed that day and while we were quarreling, she went into the kitchen and brought out a knife with which she overpowered me and then began to stab me all over my body and head
"The next thing I saw, she started stabbing herself repeatedly with the knife while telling me that she was tired of the marriage and that since I did not want to let her go, she will kill me and then kill herself.We have been having issues since the day we got married so much so that I have contemplated divorcing her but because I am a spiritual person and church I pastor, I decided to manage.
"I am now regretting that decision because I should have been bold enough to divorce her and then face the consequences instead of this mess I have found myself."


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