Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Eye candies on parade!!! Whoop whoop check out Peter psquare and his cousin chilling with the most expensive champagne in the world

Mehn!! I can like to be inside that bottle just to have a clear and undisrupted view at these boys!!! Lol one is married I know before you eat me but not sure the second one is! Hehehe

Peter Okoye shared these chilling pictures with his cousin obinna and brother Jude Engees.

Trust Nigerians and their bad mouth they have starting saying the champagne has never been opened and it's just for camera use only! Hehehe

No mention about the sexy lady in the picture but she looks cute lol

You like?


  1. Isyberry sef like better tin
    I wish I could have psquare

  2. Hmmm nyc one...

  3. Dats no d most expensive cham in d world dats a bottle of don perrion