Sunday, 23 March 2014

Latest party crashers? Check out some pictures of Munachi Abii and Susan Peters at the PaulandAnita's wedding

First before the party crashing verdict lets acknowledge the fact that they are super pretty ladies and good looking ladies love to be the hot thing in every place they just have to be noticed.

So most time from yesterday I was stuck to my TV screen watching the paulandanita wedding which held in port harcourt. The stars and well distinguished guest turned the lights up at the event that I was just wishing I was in that hall booging as well. Hehehe

If you watched it, you will have to agree with me that Susan and Muna were everywhere.
Susan managed to find herself on the stage when Dbanj was performing and was grinding so hard that the camera got every thing with ease.

Muna was also everywhere from one corner of the room to the other, her glowing light skin gave her up everytime the camera flashed through the room.

If you watched the wedding live, you might have to agree with me. Cause the other female celebrities were calmly seated or dancing by their tables.

I may just be blabbing oo as I definitely don't mean any disrespect.okbye!!!


  1. Muna is pretty.....almost no make up yet glowing with that smile,you beautiful girl!!!!

  2. Lol buh the didn't crash it mayb they where lookin 4 toasters

  3. No no no,like seriously,you mean a station carried it live,taking time out to air a wedding?. What did the ratings do for the station?.Are they the best station now in the world or even in the country itself?. and people like you watched since there was nothing better to do. Its your job anyway.#bloodywasteoftime