Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lol 'my wife proposed to me' says Charly Boy after 35years of marriage.

In a recent chat with Vanguard, Area Father Charly boy narrates how he met and married his wife of 35 years. 

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How I met my wife:

I met my wife in 1974/1975 in a hair saloon  in Boston, USA. I went to do my hair there when I saw this beautiful  lady with an overflowing hair. I admired her beauty and  decided  I was going to invite her to a party that never happened. She accepted my invitation and the party was just me and her in my limousine and I asked my driver to drive us round town. While we were cruising, we talked and that was how we started.

I didn't know she was going to be my wife. I wanted to marry a Nigerian  and not an American. But she was all over me, and when I wanted to return to Nigeria  in 1980/1981, she bought her own ticket  under the guise that she was coming to spend two weeks in Nigeria, only for her to end up spending six months. So, my parents were worried that she should go back to her country to give me chance to look for a wife. She was supposed to book for a ticket to return to America. One day, she woke up and said to me: "Marry me or I will never come back to Nigeria." That was how I was intimidated into marrying her. I didn't propose to her, rather she was the one who proposed to me. That 's why I said I was intimidated into  marrying her.

35 years after:

It's like a moving coaster. We have had our low as well as our high moments. Sometimes, it's good, at other times, it's averagely good.  We have had our issues, but, above every other thing, I think we have great understanding and respect for each other;  love and trust for each other. Also, we were willing to work out anything that will keep us together. 


  1. Hmmmmm! Charly Boy & His partner in crime!! Two confirmed MAD persons!!! Lord have mercy!!!!!!

  2. See picture. ....mhennnn I can't deal..... as long as they are happy, they should enjoy