Saturday, 29 March 2014

' she came for your sorry ass after Gov Rotimi dumped her' friends blastdirector Tchidi chikere for leaving his wife to marry Nuella Njubigbo

If you missed the initial story, see the most recent older post. 

Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo has been set on fire since she announced that her traditional rites with Nollywood director Tchidi chikere was to hold this weekend. 
First she got series of causes from the director's estranged wife and mother of his 3 sons Sophia Tchidi Chikere now it's close friends and well wishers lashing at the couple over what they consider a huge mistake and an act of indecency. 

No words has been heard from tchidi following all this development. Talking about Nollywood drama series!!! Lol actress, director and director's wife all in one episode!!! *grabs popcorn* will keep you guys posted on any other gist that comes my way.   


  1. I didn't wanna be forward wen I saw. D previous news abt da mary marring tchidi. I was aware of d rumour dat she ws dating rivers state gov,ds grl is found of snatching pple's hubby nawa

  2. I don't wonna believe dat his using his rite senses, wat more can a man want after gettin married to a beautiful homely woman that gave u 3 cute boys. D worst part of dis whole tin is dat a choose a girl 20x less than his wife. Ugly, duck mouth neulla wit her Ngekish acting. Very local girl. She's wuld definitely reap wat she sow n hers wil b in a very big n shameful way. She shuld hav jst stopped at sleepin wit him and eatin his money small, not marrying an already married man. Mtchewww I rest my case cos I can write on forever

  3. With d wife far more beautiful dan her....don't think he's in his rite senses.