Friday, 21 March 2014

Topic of the day!!! Is it ok for a man to remarry in search of a male child?

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So this morning I saw this picture of the Obamas as they arrived China and gracefully stepped out of the private jet. One thought just came to my mind, Obama has just 2 girls and he seems completely fine with it. An African man and The president of the United States!! But you can't always say the same for most men in this part of the world, just recently I heard a story about a man that had 3 boys with his mistress of over 10 years and his wife of 25 years got to know only about 3years Ago. so for 7 years she had been sharing her husband and never got even one clue???
How devastating can that get? She must have been terrified from the news that her husband has 3 boys outside and she has just one female child. This and many other similar stories in our society brings me to the topic of decision for today, is it now considered as the right thing to marry another woman or keep a mistress all in the name of searching for a male child? The Norms that come to play in this generation are some times scary!!!

What do you think???
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  1. Its wrong to re-marry just bc of a male child. A man dat does dat is a failure.. My mum had 3girls for my dad n he's the first son of his family, still he's satisfied wit his family cuz he luvs his wife n girls. Men dat search 4 male outside r irresponsible as far as I'm concerned.