Friday, 21 March 2014

Was Jim Iyke and Nadia buari's engagement staged?? Read Nadia's tweets

So this woman just keeps confusing the general public. Are you engaged to Jim Iyke or not??? Sometime last year after their trip around the world which was aired yesterday on the Jim Iyke unscripted reality TV show, Nadia was spotted wearing a ring that looked like an engagement ring and rumours hit the news ville of their engagement which she denied openly. Now that same ring is the exactly one Jim Iyke proposed with yesterday on his show after rejoicing with the couple, 

Nadia has taken to her twitter page only for her to tweet these posts that insinuate the proposal may have been just for the cameras. #confused much? When you put it like this that 'lies get half way around the world before the truth has time to put on his pants,' does that mean this engagement is a sham???? Lol

See how I am asking like she is my sister?? 

Aproko business is hard Mehn!!! 

What do you think guys? Publicity stunt for the show or actual love?? Never forget that the two people involved are professional actors and they pay their bills from this profession. Alittle twist to their friendship story and kaboom they are in the news. Bills paid  #enufsaid. Lets watch and see 


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  1. Nadia is not serious, y the confusin tweets! Mtcheww rubbish.