Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Help!!! I can never get pregnant after series of Abortion, how do I tell my husband?

please I need urgent advice from your readers. I have been married for 5 years with no child and my husband is now saying we should go for tests to check what is wrong again.Last year, we went for one and I bribed the doctor to tell my husband there was nothing wrong with us.
Now, he says we should go to another hospital because according to him, he had made a girl pregnant before he met me so he can't understand why it's taking too long.He loves children so much and always prays and begs God to give us one.
I don't know how to avoid it because I have been told i can never get pregnant after so many abortions when I was much younger.Should I pretend to be pregnant and later say I had a miscarriage like many other women do?Please what do I do ? No insults please

Here js what i think:

I really can't say you should pretend cause really the truth will come out anyway. And if you married a strong willed man who knows how to get what he wants, a single miscarriage won't convince him. Tell him the truth he either loves you like that or he doesn't. You are playing a pretty wicked role hiding the truth from him. 
He doesn't have to pay for the consequences of your past life. 

What do you think you all? 


  1. i must say you are a wicked person for not telling him in the first place. u destroyed your life and now you want to destroy him by telling him more lies. if you love him tell him. if he can live with that then you are a very lucky woman. beg for forgiveness and draw closer to God there is nothing he cannot do

  2. pray 2GOD he is a mercyful Father

  3. It is bcos of ur type Christ die 4ur sin confess ur sin to him &2 ur husband & turn from doing evil do good GOD is a mercyful Father he will have mercy 4 u in JESUSChrist my Lord i pray

  4. i think u should tell the truth....should have done that before now anyways....tell the truth and give him time to come to terms with it n decide what steps to take next... TOGETHER.....thats what marriage is all about isnt it?