Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shocking: Man slits woman's throat for money rituals in Ibadan Oyo state.

Ibadan seems to be a hot area for rituals and all sort of killings of late and this story is obviously no exception. 

Ms Chiwendu Nkwocha is lucky to still be alive after a Muslim cleric, Isa Salaudeen attempted to slit her throat in his apartment in Ibadan. Chinwendu was said to have found herself in the cleric's apartment after her boyfriend took her there for spiritual cleansing.

She was tied down and her face covered thinking he was getting her ready for the cleansing, until she felt a sharp object piercing through her throat and she cried out for help. The 'Alfa' would have succeeded, but the knife he took wasn't sharp enough. As he was about changing the knife, the woman made more noise and people broke into his apartment to find her tied down and bleeding. She was rushed to UCH where she is presently receiving treatment and the cleric was instantly arrested.

The Oyo state police command has said the suspect is already helping them with useful information.   



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