Thursday, 31 July 2014

How do i bring up marriage with seeming desperate to my boyfriend? HELP

I saw this post on one of the blogs i follow and thought to share. 

Some people spend all their lives dating that they forget to even get married lol. 

Being engaged is not marriage. 

Read and lets know what you think! 

Please I need to know what fellow blog readers think about this - I have been dating this guy since March this year. He is nice, cool headed. We are both based in Lagos. I'm 31, he's 34.
Right now in my life, I'm tired of being called someone's longtime girlfriend. I'm looking for a man who is looking for a serious commitment. And when I say serious, I mean marriage and babies. So, at what point should I ask him if he wants the same without scaring him off? How do I even bring it up without sounding desperate, marriage or baby crazy?  
Would love to hear from TILB married couples too - when did the topic of marriage first come up in your relationship during your single days? Please help a sister out before I ruin this.


  1. Walahi some men are jest annoying. Toh, as for me, am keeping my options very open. When I meet someone who is ready I'd leave him. I am not a profesional dater. Walahi I will advise every woman should shine her eyes, do not get old waiting for a man. Shikena

  2. firstly...pray well! if its still not forthcmin n deres ds guy dts bn dere godfearing loving caring n concerned n is dear wt r u waiting for?

  3. Emma Don Bugedo...1 August 2014 at 10:55

    U help 2 make him ready,as a lady u don't nid bn idle or a liability waiting 4 a man 2 sweep u off ur feet,just b industrious,wen d person u long crave 4 comes but financially menstrating,but u can 2 say d least assist him even 4 d marriage...