Saturday, 26 July 2014

I sold an item for 1million naira to a celebrity Says celebrity stylist Toyin lawani in new interview

I dont know why though but i like this woman. I like that she strives even when people expect her to fall and she keeps doing what she knows how to do best. 

She made a quote one time that got me, make your hobby your profession. 

I guess it pays after all. 

This Celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani, recently talked to Punch about her fashion and style. And when she was asked how come she agreed to get engaged to a younger man, Toyin replied that it's the will of God. Excerpts:

  • How much did you sell the first cloth you made?
That was when I was 16 and it was N5000. I sold the cloth to a fellow student.
  •  What is the most expensive item you have sold and how much did it cost?
I sold an item for N1m and it was a celebrity that bought it. My business is very lucrative, I must say.
  • What is the most memorable fashion gift you have been given?
A fashion card and diamonds.
  • What is your take on ladies exposing their cleavage and wearing skimpy dresses?
One at a time. You can't expose both. In any case, just go for what suits you.
  • What fashion item do you admire on a man?
I love men who wear white sneakers and expensive wrist watches
  • You are engaged to a younger man, is there any reason you agreed to be with a younger person?
It is the will of God.
  •  There has been criticism about your relationship with a younger man. Do such talks bother you?
No, it doesn't really bother me.



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