Friday, 25 July 2014

Incase you missed it, Jim Iyke has been posting flirty pictures and comments about a sexy lady and she aint Nadia. See pictures

When you see some men from the eyes of their exes, you can easily ascertain what kind of women they like, skiny dark chubby light fat short tall and all sort of funny but with Jim iyke its really hard to keep up. Looking at his US based ex kenturah, one would think Jim is all for the dark skinned skinny girls then poof he moves over to nadia's type of diva and classy type and now he is debuting a new one Sexy, skinny and all kinds of flirty. She almost falls under Kenturah's category only thing is she is pretty. 

 Jim Iyke may have moved on from Nadia Buari if his posts on his 'real' IG page is anything to go by.He has been showering flirty compliments on a Us based model Sandra Benede,who has been reciprocating  by posting his photos too, calling him king and he calling her Sandy!!

Since his publicised engagement  to Nadia,they haven't been spotted together...

What do you think guys? Is there a new season for the Jim iyke unscripted? Maybe its another publicity stunt. 

But wait oh so that engagement was fake????? Na wa


  1. Emma Don Bugedo...26 July 2014 at 00:22

    Dis guy is hinged @ frustrating himself,gud 4 him...

  2. She fine for here ugly there fair here dark dere which one she be sef