Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Please Help save Ehigie Esangbedo

No one prays to be sick or bed ridden so as best as you can try to show little care in cash and prayers. 

Read the mail when you continue

Dear Isi,
Please help post this on your blog for your readers and fans to assist. Your kind gesture of charity would save a soul.

He is our brother and our friend and he has been diagnosed of bone marrow Cancer, Ehigie Esangbedo has always been a happy soul and a good person and all of a sudden he will be needing bone marrow transplant which will cost 5million naira. Please help us to save the Life of Ehigie Esangbedo, your prayers and contributions most especially will be well appreciated. For assistance You can send cash payments to this account number,3070406341, Account name- Esangbedo Izehi Ruth, First bank. Or you can visit this site-http://www.gofundme.com/bn1yro
Nothing is too little.
God bless you as you assist to save a soul.