Thursday, 7 August 2014

2military men fight themselves to death over girlfriend in Lagos


Two military officers, Hilary and Sheu Abdullahi, fought each other to death on Sunday morning at a popular night club on Pen Crescent, Apapa area of Lagos over a girlfriend.
Hilary, a corporal in the Nigerian Army, had gone to the club with his girlfriend who was donned in a military outfit.
The problem however began when the bouncers at the club stopped the lady and challenged her for wearing a camouflage despite not being a military officer.
Hilary in defense of his girlfriends allegedly asked why they would question his girlfriend in his presence and an argument ensued.
Abdullahi, a naval officer who tried settling the dispute, further fuelled the fight by slapping the soldier's girlfriend for disrespecting him.
 "The soldier was angry and went after the naval officer. He stabbed him with a jackknife and he died on the spot." An eye witness told Punch newspaper.
Abdullahi's colleagues, after getting wind of the situation, mobilized to the scene, pounced on Hilary, and beat him to a pulp in retaliation.
The affray was said to have escalated after the soldier gave up in their hands.
Confirming the incident, the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Lelma Kolle, said "Yes, the incident happened. Actually, two people died. We received a distress call from someone that there was a situation at the club and we instantly rushed to the scene. We were able to bring the situation under control and prevent further loss of lives. It was just unfortunate that by the time we got there, the two officers had died. But the police arrested two military officers in connection with the incident."
He added that the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, and the corpses of the slain officers, deposited in the mortuary.


  1. chai! in ds times n season of outbrk in d ds wt our own officers r meant to b after on top ma babe wear #camo mtchewwwwwwwww they v met their waterloo,afterall d gurl z alive.......o ma se oh

  2. hmm end time tins.racheal uzu

  3. Emma Don Bugedo...9 August 2014 at 02:26

    In respective of ills in d society nd thinkn of hw 2 combat all dis insurgencies,people still set out 2 enjoy demselves 2 d extent of killing nd reprisal killing of eachoda,na wa oo...