Monday, 11 August 2014

9ice set to run for house of rep member 2015

These Entertainers are diving into politics every minute, the long list of them are already government official and now long time gongo aso singer 9ice is set to run for house of rep ogbomosho constituency. 

Swag campaign poster lol!!!  

What do you think guys? 


  1. Emma Don Bugedo...11 August 2014 at 05:36

    Dis nt entertainment bruv,y politics,it is well wish u d best...

  2. this is exactly why the country can never progress, what does he know about politics, but most importantly, hasn't he always claimed somewhere in Lagos as a place he grew up, so what does he know about ogbomosho and how often does he go there to visit the indigenes?. This people should stop deceiving themselves with this politics nonsense claiming it's a calling, we know their reasons for going into it. It's the people who vote them with their eyes open into power and complain later that one pities. complete BS...

  3. has he ran out of hits?.we've bought your music and put money in your pockets but no, that's not enough, you feel you can go get it from some political money coffer,we're watching.