Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dear August!! Please be nice

I apologise for irregular posting in the past few days i found myself in Umunede Delta state and was battling with battery life and poor service. Please bear with me will be back to civilisation in no time.

Happy new month, i could i forget to wish you my darlings the best this month has to offer? Its my birthday month, actually its jummy's too.

19th and 20th.

I learnt something this weekend and it can be applied to our everyday life. The people we love is a reflection of what we have on the inside. They remind us so much of what we desire that seeing them in the physical makes us love them.

You might not necessarily be in love with your partner's at the beginning of the relationship or friendship or courtship whatever ship you find yourself. Let your spirit shine, let yourself be free, the worst is not that you got hurt, its that you were too scared to experience it all.

Happy happy new month my darlings.

Bigger and better you i pray!

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  1. Emma Don Bugedo...3 August 2014 at 10:31

    Dats lik it,was beginnin 2 wonder wat went wrong,9ice1,happy new month too...