Saturday, 9 August 2014

'I tried abit, at least i entered the university' sean tizzle addresses drop out rumours

I know i have definately had this felling sean tizzle has and while i was trying to cure it, i made it worse so i stopped but again thats none of your business o lol!!!! 

the fast rising singer, Sean Tizzle has explained why a lot of people think he bleaches. Sean said a lot of people think he bleaches because his knuckles are black, but they have been like that from birth.

I heard that as well. I don't bleach my skin. I know why people are saying that. It is because my knuckles are dark. But they have always been like this from birth. I have tried everything but my knuckles have remained like this. I will not fight God. He created me this way. So I have left my hands like this.

About going to school, he said;

I tried a bit, at least I still entered the university. I did a three-year diploma programme in Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan.

This answer has got to be epic!!! I tried abit? At least he is honest about it. 

What do you think guys?  


  1. he tried naa...let dm alne jor

  2. Emma Don Bugedo...11 August 2014 at 05:32

    Dose dat hv gone 2 all d schs wat hv dey achieved,leave him jor,e try...