Monday, 4 August 2014

Oh wow! Read how a Wealthy man's wife of 18 years plotted and admitted to kill her husband with the help of her lover

A man whose wife of 18 years plotted to have him killed on his birthday has revealed the deep scars he was left with after being nearly stabbed to death.

Chris Soteriou a wealthy engineer was in a coma for 10 days following the attack in Melbourne , which was orchestrated by his wife of 18 years, Vicky Soterious.

Vicky, who is currently serving nine years in jail, had organised for her lover, Ari Dimitrakis, to stab Chris as they walked from a Greek restaurant in Fitzroy to their car 500m away after his 44th birthday party.
Vicky had been seeing her lover, Ari Dimitrakis in hotels, sending him erotic notes and even tattooed his initials on her wedding ring finger and in the hair line of the back of her neck.

She organized a birthday dinner for her hubby and asked Dimitrakis to lay in wait for Chris as he left the party. Despite going missing for 30 minutes during dinner so she could show Dimitrakis where the car was parked, Chris had no reason to suspect what the mother of their three children had planned. 

As the couple approached the car, Chris said he saw a man crouching down and his wife broke away and went to stand in the middle of the street.

It was then Dimitrakis 'slit my throat'.She watched as he slit her husband's throat and stabbed him six times in the abdomen.
Chris recalls the night in detail in the interview but says the most painful moment was learning of his wife's betrayal.Chris said his wife had given him a birthday card the morning he was stabbed and it was signed 'thank you for loving me so much, the wife that adores you'.

"'It sends shivers down my spine that the person you loved and treasured organised to kill you,There was no feeling. I didn't feel any pain, I just it was more shock. Just felt the blood run down my chest and felt this warm, warm fluid running down my body.As a divorced husband I was probably worth three million dollars, as a dead husband I was probably worth seven million dollars.'I remember saying if I don't make it just look after the kids. She must have been watching me getting killed in the middle of the street."
She confessed 10 days later after he woke up from coma and when the police was closing in on the attacker... She told him in tears...

'I've just come to confess that Ari and I organised it. I know, it was stupid. It was absolutely silly,'
Chris only managed to survive the deep stab wounds because two off-duty doctors were nearby and helped to try and stabilise the bleeding as paramedics arrived.This wasn't the first time she tried to kill him. A former lover said
"I think we were at the motel in Preston and we went inside and I lay down on the bed you know and she was standing and she said "I will ask you something...I want you to kill my husband and I want to give you $50,000 cash",""I thought it was a bad joke you know if I thought she was serious I was going to go to the police."

He refused and soon after Vicky broke off their relationship.
Five years later, however, she tried again and nearly succeeded with another lover.


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