Sunday, 17 August 2014

'To be great in anything, you have to be someone anyone can trust says Omotola in new interview

Omotola Ekeinde has managed to be scandal free all this time in all her time in Nollywood scene, in a recent interview with the sun the pretty mother of 4 talked about being a good example and being a successful woman.... 

She is currently on a family vacay with her husband and the kids. Here are some pictures from their fun trip!

Read the excerpts of the interview below:
People will always speculate about you and it could be very disheartening, especially when you have chosen to live right. I don't want to sound like some holier-than-though whatever, but I work very hard to keep my brand away from scan­dals. I have fought. I have had to and I will not accept for you to humiliate me before everybody'. Often they try to be mischievous but I stick to my guns. Oftenstand and say, 'hey! This is what I stand for times they have also turned around to say sorry. For heaven's sake, I am responsible for the actions and decisions that I take.­"
On how to be a successful woman, said

It actually starts with character, personality and what beliefs. Everything wrong today actually started from the content of a character. Are you immoral or are you straight forward enough to actually say something and carry through with it. Is the content of your character strong enough? I believe that for you to be great in anything, you have to be someone anyone can believe in. It stems from your moral

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  1. Emma Don Bugedo...17 August 2014 at 04:56

    Dats true,if people don't talk abut u,den u nobody...