Thursday, 7 August 2014

Which pill will you pick you guys?

Without even thinking i did pick the blue pill and brig my dearest mum back to this earth, even if its just for one day, for her to be my mummy again and worry for me even when i am too non chalant to worry about myself, to care about what i eat and what i wear, and which guys and checking me out and to be there when i need to fight someone or cry so loud.

I did bring my mum back!!! And if i want to eat my cake and have it i will ask my brother to pick the red pill... She had two children anyway..if my brother is a billionaire, that automatically can make me a millionaire and if i want to top it off i will ask my dad too to pick the red pill lol...

Ok what will it be guys? A dead loved one or a luxurious life of a billionaire?


  1. whoooooo! isioma oh...nice one jare dada teejay momma bck,dn u finished d pills naaa v got to pik d red oh*

  2. me i will pick d red pill o.racheal uzu

  3. D red pill #shollymama#

  4. Emma Don Bugedo...9 August 2014 at 03:47

    No death so far so gud,a billioniare baby...