Friday, 5 September 2014

Lol Woman bites off secondary school girl's ear for flirting with her husband

A woman has bitten off the ear of a secondary school girl for having an affair with her husband in Ajegunle area of Lagos State, yesterday.
The woman, identified as Mama Ijeoma, had long suspected that her husband was having an affair with the SSS3 student identified as Ada, but couldn't stop the relationship. She however became angered when she found her husband and the girl together in a beer parlour along Ojo Road. 

So, she slapped the girl twice but her husband retaliated by giving her two resounding slaps which provoked the women further, and so, she pounced on the girl, tearing her top to shreds. Continue...
According to, all efforts to stop the woman by her husband (Papa Ijeoma) and others proved abortive, as she revealed that the girl had been dating her husband long before they got married last year and that she had had enough, after warning her to leave her husband alone, to no avail.
And with the strength of an angry woman, the woman overpowered her restrainers and pounced on the girl a second time, biting off her ear.
Immediately her ear was bitten, Papa Ijeoma rushed the girl to a nearby private hospital for medical attention, while his wife left the scene before the arrival of the girl's parents. When Ada's parents arrived, they headed to the hospital to see their daughter.



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