Monday, 1 September 2014

New Month new Quarter!!! The Ember months are Here

From the first of the year Up until this september 2014, i have had plenty reasons to be thankful to God not that my life has been a bed of roses buy because he has been awesome amidst it all.
God gave me life, he gave me love, he gave me people who care for me and i care for, he gave me my blog readers, he uplifted me, he gave me a chance to be with someone who is bloody amazing, he keeps strengthen me at my weakest moments.

There are times when it will just be like the end of the world, i will be so weak it will almost kill me... But one way or the other i come out stronger and better!!!

Whenever i hear september i already know the year is almost over.... Before you know it December is here and poof Happy new year is in the lips of everyone again...

Now i speak unto you guys that if you are still waiting upon your miracle,, its september not the end of the year!! God still has a plan and you can only speak to him because he alone never fails... Take out time to pour out your heart to him! He knows and hears all!!!

The miracle you so desire will come to you and yours in Jesus name!!!

Happy new months my darlings.

Emma don Bugedo!!! I appreciate you so much so that each time i post i look forward to your comment. Our people say!!! True friends stand by you no matter what. I have never met you but i hope to some day.
Rachale ezu!! Pweti and Nonso olisa!! Welcome back and thanks so guys are appreciated.

Tosyne Afolabi if you see this, know i have missed your comments on the blog too,and many of you that i cant all mention!!!

All my anonymous commenters!!!
God bless you all and meet you at the points of your needs.

Keep winning
Stay focused and love life!

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  1. Tada its ma month of birth, happy new month to u all