Thursday, 11 September 2014

Oh wow! Daniella Okeke flaunts her $6700(1million naira) Vertu Android fone

Dont ask me how she got it oh!!! Just know that the Vertu Fone is worth about 6700 dollars which can be approximated to about 1million naira. 

She recently finished her lekki apartment and bought a range rover. 
If you are still wondering why young girls ate diving into nollywood with both hands, is this reason enough for you?

Aprokos say there is one married man name Hakeem in her life that is spoiling her silly!!! But she hasnt say anything so lipsealed hehehehe.


  1. Emma Don Bugedo...11 September 2014 at 02:10

    All dis runs gurls en...

  2. Nollywood ko, Bollywood ni, one or two alhajis is behind the scene jare... And I've not even seen her in any movie