Saturday, 27 September 2014

Question of the Day... Your Vs 15million naira which option will you pick?

Lol guys aint shit and hoes aint loyal..... Lol

Which will you pick? Smile out of the bank or cry everytime you get heart broken?
One choice people?


  1. It the money o, bye bye to him. Racheal uzu

  2. Will even buy him box 4rm my 15million 2 pack his tin.. yes n pay 4 transport heheheh Boo moo!

  3. Emma Don Bugedo...28 September 2014 at 09:12

    Lol,y we materialistic,money fizzles out so fast dan one's life or emotions,well 4 me I will grab d whole of d damn cash baby,na money win pass ooo...

  4. Lol emma the way you started, one would think you were gunning for the boo option. Lol

  5. It Actually Depends On The Stuff The Boo Is Made Of, If It's Not Good Enough Girl I Go For The Molla..