Thursday, 25 September 2014

The kissing picture with Charly boy was photoshopped ..says Denrele Edun in new interview

When this picture hit the net, a lot of controversy followed it, tongues lashing at the crazy Presenter Denrele   Pronouncing him gay and all his camp did was keep quiet. 

Well he has finally decided to correct the thoughts of people. 

Read what he told sahara reporters when you continue:  "I guess whether I was just caught up in publicity stunt; whether it's a controversial agenda; whether it was real deal; whether it was photoshopped; trust Naija to judge. That picture was obviously very well altered. This is the very first time I will be saying this. I didn't even bother addressing it. I said you people should go and judge whatever you want to judge because you've already cursed me finish. Till date people are still saying why they have not arrested Charly Boy and Denrele. Those two they should even serve 28 years not 14 years. This happened so many years but you can see it's still fresh. People only remember the horrible things. They don't remember the good things you've been doing.)" 

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  1. Denrele is a gay, so he should stop pretending. Racheal uzu

  2. Emma Don Bugedo...25 September 2014 at 16:29

    He just woke up 2 d realities abi...

  3. More Prayers For Him, Since His Regaining His Lost Senses....