Monday, 8 September 2014

Vector never proposed to me says Chidinma Ehkile

When this picture hit the net i was one of the people that posted it hopeful that they really did get engaged.1 i knew that so many Nigerian male celebrities had crushes on the petite Emi ni baller singer but she never openly acknowledged any one until this picture cane out and she said nothing about it. Silence is not denial sometimes. Well she has finally decided to speak on it.
See how she responded when you continue: 

 The 'fake proposal' was all planned out by Vector and I. It happened in a plane, when we were travelling to Abuja for an event, our flight was delayed so we started talking about funny rumours we've heard about ourselves. One of the rumours was a picture of myself and Phyno which we took and uploaded on instagram.Then people started talking...
she is dating that guy and all those stuffs. Vector then came up with the idea to make people talk more, so that was why we decided make people feel that we are dating. The ring he used was even brought out by my manager, so that was how we started taking those pictures. I want to state today that Vector never proposed to me".


  1. dts wt dy do nw...all is a bid to mke pple talk.we ad beta mind our business...dy r mkin their billions while we r arguing .....#darisGodoh

  2. Emma Don Bugedo...8 September 2014 at 15:00

    I lik dis babe,9ice1...