Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What level of anger??? Man stabs girlfriend 14times for posting another guy's picture as her Male crush Monday.

I cant even begin to imagine what this world would be like with no social media, it wasn't this bad before but with the break of dawn this app developers keep bringing new sites that end up entertaining and destroying at the same time. Sadly Instagram is one of it. I wont deny i have an account but the struggle is real for plenty people there oo.... You take pictures only for instagram, you dress up with no intention of going out but to take pictures and upload for likes and followers some people dont even know you in person, they can walk pass you on the streets and not even know thats their IG celeb walking by. 
Only God can save us

Love and Insecurity is a bad combo and that is the case of these two..... 

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27 year old  Reginald Humphrey aka "The Cinnamon Apple Guy", finally killed his 23 year old girlfriend Michelle Geiger yesterday morning after she allegedly posted a photo of yet another man as her "#ManCrushMonday". Known as MCM, it trends on Instagram and Twitter every Monday.

He stabbed her 14 times while she slept in the condo they both shared together.The couple made some fame after a viral video hit the internet where they fought over the same issue...

Viralupdate reports that,The couple were in the news sometime last month after a neighbor captured a video of Humphrey yelling at Geiger, after she posted once more a pic of her "Man Crush Monday".
"I thought you loved me! You was my baby, my f**king cinnamon apple", you can hear Reginald shout in the video.
 Even though the couple is seen experiencing some relationship problems, friends of the two swear they were very happy with one another, besides that little incident that they had apparently settled.
"There was no violence between the two! Just regular arguments! Nothing ordinary couples aren't used to! We never expected this", stated a close friend of the victim.
"It was her crush! Yeah they DM'd (direct message) regularly, but he lives at the other end of the country. I don't understand how he could kill her over a pic on Instagram."
 When authorities finally arrived at the crime scene, Miss Geiger was already dead in their bed laying in a puddle of her own blood. Hemphrey was later found by the police on his knees in the garage with his hands behind his head waiting to get arrested.
The homicide is currently underinvestigation for any other potential evidence regarding the situation to determine if any other motives could of contributed to why Humphrey would commit such a heinous crime.
Humphrey will be charged with first degree murder and may serve life in prison if found guilty 


  1. Emma Don Bugedo...23 September 2014 at 21:52

    So wat nxt afta her death,dis guy is a complete idiot...

  2. Seriously things are happening,humans killing human everyday God have mercy nd what wil be his joy killing her