Tuesday, 21 October 2014

BBA the chase winner Dillish mathews tweets about her first kiss at age 16

I really dont know how her ex will be feeling after reading some of these tweets. I think of you ask me the fame broke them up cause they seems like they had a pretty happy life before she entered the BBA house and Won the highly intimidating price money. 

Dillish had a friendly Q and A session with some fans on twitter and there she shared how she had sex for the first time at 19 and her first kiss at 16.
(now aint that old for girls in this generation) hehehe 

When was your first kiss/sex and did you regret it after everything? 

I desperately meed to have more opened conversations with you guys here but the thing is you never comment back so it makes it boring. Will try and bring up pressing topics and see how it turns out. 


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