Saturday, 25 October 2014

Forgive or Not? When your husband cheats on you with a Trangender

When he has a woman in the house and settles for a transgender, that can be more painful oo. Cant even start to deal. Its just like leaving you to date a fellow man. 

Who remembers Kendra of Playboy mansion who later had her own reality tv on E!... Well her husband who seemed sweet on the camera apparently isnt perfect after all. 

He has admitted to cheating on her but with a transgender. Does it feel the same tho?

According to a new report on TMZ, Hank now acknowledges he "hung out with transgender Ava London." And this new information is coming out after Hank went to the FBI to report that Ava illegally recorded and extorted him. Apparently, the authorities wanted to know what really happened between Hank and his alleged lover.

Hank claims he met Ava and one of her friends in a grocery store and they allegedly invited him to 
go to their apartment. They began smoking weed, which somehow led to Ava taking her clothes off. However, Hank put the kibosh on the situation when Ava revealed her "goods."

Hank's camp now claims that Ava secretly recorded the conversation she had with the reality star, during which he begged her not to talk about their relationship because he's married. That audio made its way to several tabloids and went viral. TMZ says Hank's lawyer Lee Hutton will go to court next week in an attempt to get her records, which his people believe will fully document an extortion attempt.

Meanwhile, Kendra is said to be absolutely destroyed over this entire ordeal. In her eyes, Hank's transsexual lover is worse for her than it would have been had he slept with a woman.
"If it had been another woman, it still would have been painful for her, but Kendra wouldn't have felt nearly as ashamed and embarrassed," a source told

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  1. useless men....mtcheewww......finding a faithful man in today's world is like finding water in the desert