Monday, 6 October 2014

I have been sleeping with my sister's husband, 23year old boy cries out

Oh lord some stories we read, how terrible can this world get. I stumbled on this piece on one of the blogs i follow and i have been shaking since i read it. 

How can a man do that to his wife's brother? What money causes in this life is just unbelievable. Only God can save us truly.

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Hello readers, I am male, 23. I've lived with my sister and her hubby for 7 years now. I'm going for NYSC soon and a lot has been bothering my head.  
5 years ago, my 2nd year living with my sister's family, her loving husband used to get me so many gifts and showers a lot of blessings and all. Infact I can tell that he loves me more than his own children then. He continued this and sometimes barges in when I'm taking my bath and pretends to be sorry. This continued until one day, he decided to try his luck in my bedroom and I never squirmed.  
He romanced me and that was my first sexual experience. Since then I began to crave for guys. Till today, he is 44 and he keeps disturbing me. But I am a changed fellow. I even have a girlfriend now although whenever he calls I still  get this emotional attachment with him. Blog readers, do you think I should confide in somebody or maybe my suster herself? I'm in a state of quagmire and delirium, I can't even think straight any longer. Please dearies, don't insult. Your kind words can uplift me tonight and possibly there are a lot more others who are currently suffering the same fate I suffered. Please help out. please don't ignore the post.


  1. Emma don Bugedo...6 October 2014 at 08:18

    U nid God more dan ever,its bcom an habit,try nd see a doctor,dis insane delusion...

  2. Pray to God, but don't tell your sister bcos you will ruin her marriage, or you give him a warning that if he does not stop disturbing you, you will report him to your sister, i guess this might scare him away. Racheal uzu

  3. He started 5 years ago when he was 18! The evil people do even to their blood. Betrayal