Thursday, 30 October 2014

More Freebies for Election in Nigeria, 9ice is set to give out free Palmwine and Jedi to ogbomosho people

Lol nothing we will not see in nigeria. Whatever happened to coke and fanta? Palmwine and Jedi is the way forward for election season refreshments. 

So 9ice made it known a few months ago that he was coming out for an electoral position in Ogbomosho Area of The western Nigeria,though he got mixed responses, he doesnt look like he is backing down for nothing. 

He shared these pictures of  branded Palmwine and Jedi(local herbal mix) made by Leola ramas a company which specialises in the manufacturing of these items as part of his refreshment menu. Lol

I guess their motto should be get drunk and vote for 9ice! Hehehe 

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