Sunday, 19 October 2014

One year later, Mrs 2shotz gushes about him as they mark their first anniversary together.

I remember last year when beverly was in the news with precious and 2shotz over snatching  boyfriend and using and dumping.... Well precious is still winning on this one and she has written this notes to show the world how amazing her husband of one year who she met on twitter is to her: 

More when you continue: 
"There is nothing interesting about marriage...this statement i agree with completely...Ask me why? Few weeks ago marked our 1year anniversary...and all the while it felt like we were still courting...infact I was and still am dating my husband because each new day comes wiv different things to learn about him...the only thing special about marriage is the fact that its no longer called "fornication" in my opinion..

.he still flirts wit m d same way he did wen we first met, he still woos me lik hes trying to get me when he already has me, in a room full of people he stil makes advances/passes at me, let me not even talk abou his sugar-coated mouth...when he startscalling me those sweet names in ibo lik gosh my knees wobble my heart melts and it feels lik dozens of butterflies swirming in ma tommy... 
we have so much fun together, hes the ying to ma yang...and im the belt to his trousers (in his words lol)..I asked God for a life partner and he sent me This man.....this man right here is just everything and more to me...he is my backbone, my better-half, my knight in shining armour, my confidant√©, my lover, my boyfriend, my brother, my bestfriend...I could go on and on but God knows how much I Love him....words are just not enough...i have never met a more selfless person...always puts me first in only prayer is that God in his infinite mercy blesses u beyond measure...its being a great year baby and I pray for forever with you...


  1. Is a gd feeling getting married 2 sm1 u see as ur fada nd broda u feel so loved every seconds happy 4u geh

  2. Emma Don Bugedo...20 October 2014 at 15:45

    We hv hear,9ice1...