Sunday, 26 October 2014

Peter explains why He alone was chosen as the Olympic milk ambassador and not Psquare.

When the news broke out that One part of the music duo was named ambassador to the milk producting company, many tongues wailed over the issue saying they were a team and as such no endorsement should carry one over the other. Well Peter OKoye has explained why the makers of Olympic Milk choose him to be their brand ambassador instead of choosing him and his twin brother who have always sang and endorse brands together. Here is what Peter said during his inaugural speech;

"Music is like football. For example, if I play for Barcelona and I get endorsed by Nike, it doesn't mean the whole Barcelona team has been endorsed. This is about me and not me and Paul.

"Among thousands or perhaps millions of people in the entertainment industry, I felt honoured to be chosen as the brand ambassador. The deal means a lot, not just to me but also to my fans. If a brand isn't worth it I have nothing to do with such a brand. The fact that I am ready to work with this brand is an indication of its top quality," he said.

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  1. not sure about olympic milk sha.....Peter my love, you might be an eye candy bhet i wouldnt drink that....even for you