Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photos: Omotola receives MFR national award.

Congratulations to Omotola on her MFR awards.   Read her speech when you continue."Happy ‪#‎54th ‪#‎Independence ‪#‎Nigeria.
Many of you by now must have heard about my National award.
Member of the order of the Federal Republic ( MFR)
Many read my " mixed reaction" and "consulting with elders" remarks.
So I listened to the voices of wisdom.
I went, got awarded and decorated and am Truly Appreciative.
Appreciative of a country who still produces opportunities for her children, despite the many abuses and mismanagement by her children.
Appreciative of a strong country that never fails to smile even sometimes annoyingly "suffering and smiling" irrespective of her situation
Appreciative of a country that is proud to call me it's own , groom me and present me to the world, trained and ready to fight
Appreciative of a country that's still Holding on waiting so desperately for us her children to Come back home, wake up, love her, nurture her, honor her ....... Enjoy her.
Nigeria my country , my mama thank you for the recognition , I love you and look forward to seeing you happy and dancing again in your colorful robes amongst the best mothers of the world.


  1. She don't look too happy in this pictures. We are all waiting for Nigeria omosexy

  2. whoa,,,omotola!going places bcmin great cngrats

  3. Miss Morgan............... ...............3 October 2014 at 09:09

    Well Done Ooooh!!!!