Thursday, 30 October 2014

Photos: see official pictures of your favourite stars at the GIAMA 2014

Please who else noticed something that looks like a bum on ini edo in this picture? I might be wrong oh it might just be too much food before the event. But she doesnt look all that in this picture... Maybe from her neck up. Stella damasus too what is wrong with this ladies? She looks kinda funny. Some might end up liking these styles but i dont. 

Very pretty Mrs Amata, and the best dressed awards goes to??? 

Here is the thing people its soon going to be the award season, lets make our own IBA- isyberry blog award. for these celebrities!! I will start posting nominees for different categories and we decide the winners together it has to be a unified choice so please everyone's opinion counts on this one. 

Its November in a bit people!!! Yay


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