Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ruth Kadiri is not my lover, she is my bestie says the actress's rumoured boo

Ok when the pictures cane out, i was one of the bloggers that put up their picture and congratulatory messages. But hey he hasnt denied knowing her all he says is he is not her boyfriend but her bestie' 

Read how he put it when you continue: 

Stories that touch, sighs#

It is so disheartening the rumour that has been in circulation for couple of days now which I have vowed not to respond to as I am not a fan of being in the News but had to as it is getting out of hand and I will appreciate it if the right thing is being published. True my names are Anthony Ayodele ADEDEJI, the last son of the renowned Adedeji's family, my dad is a two (2) term served legislator at the Nigeria National Assembly and I am a Film and Video Director and also a Fashion entertainer (Not a Fraudster) and am the CEO Samba Lordz Films/LYNCOS Fashion House, a brother company to the popular Samba Unit Entertainment headed by my brother, also a renounced Nigerian Artiste (Flexman) based in Nigeria, Canada and the UK. Truly I had my Masters Of Art and Masters Of Science in the UK at the Sunderland University and the University Of Westminster respectively where I major in Film Production and Computer Animation. I have since been very much in Nigeria than the UK producing Music Videos, Movies, Virtual Network Programmes and teaching Production. True I was with Kennis Music for about a year where I worked with Late Goldie, Eedris Abdulkarim, Jaywon, Minjin, Capital F.E.M.I, Joel etc on several projects. I have also shot videos for blackface, Oritsefemi, Flexman, MC Fricker, Young6ix, LKT, Rymzo and alot of others. I am also the producer of Guilty Addict, The Witness and a virtual TV programme "THINGS YOU DONT KNOW" launching on SambaTV on the 1st Of October, 2014. So you know am not a "LONDON BASE" like its been circulating, I just shuttle in between the offices but have done alot here than there.

Ruth Kadiri and I share a great relationship that is more than friends but family, she is my "bestie" and more like my own sister and that's all there is to it. We even advise each other in our relationships but we never dated or have any plans to date. Our paths met in the UK after I left New York where I attended the NEA Awards, and as best friends, we moved together and visited places together in London and that's all it is. She is a very wonderful person, nice to a fault and very deep, we are always there for each other, we just have a great relationship going far back as the 90s.

Please note that she is in a serious relationship and I owe her partner in high esteem, I am not a fan of being in the News thus my low profile but couldn't help but comment on this. True she has a wonderful relationship with a very loving and caring man, true she just acquired a range rover to her collections (which is not a big deal or a news to be published) and am so glad she is growing in the industry and her personal life but the false is, I am not just the man, if I am, I will be proud to say so because Ruth is a wonderful being and can't be compared or regarded generally, any man who has her in his life and cant boast about it is a fool. She is my friend, my sister and my family, way deeper than any other relationship, we appreciate what we share because it has kept us as good friends till date. Please let this false rumour end as we both have our separate lives and this story if further pushed can affect it. If you have read this far, thank you so much and God bless.