Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Heart broken husband writes Oyedepo after his wife secretly marries a winner's chapel pastor before divorce

This story is very disturbing. Its long alright but quite detailing. 

I cant be a judge in their issue but if all the man says is the truth, then the woman is quite unfair. 

Church and serving God is a personal journey and a thing of the mind. Only God knows those who truly serve him.

Read more when you continue: 

Blessing & ex-husband Okpoko
A jilted husband, Ifeanyi Kenneth Okpoko, has written to Bishop David Oyedepo, Founder and General Overseer, Winners Chapel, asking him to tell one of his pastors, Rev. Kelvin Ugwuoke to leave his banker wife, Blessing for him.

According to P.M.NEWS, in a letter dated 13 November, 2014 titled Case of Adultery, Snatching of my Wife and Secret Marriage Engagement, Okpoko alleged that Ugwuoke snatched his wife Blessing, who is an area manager in an old generation bank, took her to Dubai and allegedly wedded her secretly.

Okpoko said he legally married Blessing in 2001 according to marriage act but when he later 
discovered she had married Ugwuoke, also a banker, in Dubai and confronted her with some photographs, she moved to Ugwuoke's home at Prime Water View Estate, Flat 8 in Lekki. Adding that Blessing then filed a suit at a Lagos High Court seeking for the dissolution of their marriage to cover up her adultery.

Ever since then, according to him, Blessing and Ugwuoke have been harassing him with police, and at a point, he was sent to prison in order to take over their joint property.

Blessing & Ugwuoke
Okpoko stated that both Ugwuoke and Blessing are devoted ministers in Winners Chapel, noting that before she packed out of his house, she was a pastor in charge of House Fellowship in his house at Ajao Estate in Lagos.

He said he married Blessing in 2001, adding that the marriage broke up in April 2013 when Blessing lied to him that she was going to Dubai for her banking job only for Ugwuoke to wed her secretly there. Okpoko said when she returned from Dubai, her behavior totally changed, as she started picking quarrels all the time until information about the marriage and photographs got to him.
He added in the letter to Oyedepo:
"Sir I have been subjected to mental and psychological trauma just to force me to untimely death. Ironically, they are ministers in your church which calls for your intervention."
He also attached photographs taken by Ugwuoke and Blessing both here in Nigeria and Dubai.

Blessing & Ugwuoke in Dubai
Earlier last week, Blessing had declined to speak with PMNews about the matter, insisting nobody can tell her how to live her life.

Ugwuoke, who is from Nsukka in Enugu State, met Blessing at the Kano branch of the old generation bank where they both used to work. They allegedly became lovers for years before Blessing married Okpoko, who is a furniture dealer in Lagos. Blessing later met Ugwuoke who had separated from his wife in Lagos and their relationship allegedly rekindled until it allegedly culminated in the Dubai wedding.

In the suit filed at the court, both estranged couple accused each other of adultery and want the court to dissolve the marriage which produced three female children.

According to Okpoko, the 13-year old marriage crashed after his wife's trip to Dubai. He said Blessing told him that she was going for a banking assignment in Dubai but unknown to him, her trip was to wed Ugwuoke there. When she returned from the trip, he did not suspect anything until he saw the photographs of her trip with Ugwuoke and confronted Blessing who was shocked about how the information got to him.

On the other hand, Blessing alleged that the respondent (Okpoko) had committed adultery with many women whom he had brought to their matrimonial home to sleep with in the presence of their three young female children. She alleged that the respondent sought to use physical violence and even threatened to kill her in order to inherit all her property solely purchased by her. That the respondent has subjected her and the female children to mental, physical and emotional trauma by accusing her that she cannot bear male children.

In response, Okpoko denied all the allegations and stated that Blessing has made him a very miserable man by constantly reminding him of his educational background, that he was a secondary school drop-out. He stated that Blessing intimidated and made jest of him by telling him that she married him out of pity and reminded him that they were not in the same class.

He alleged that Blessing was a dishonest and serial liar who brought home strange men and constantly slept outside her matrimonial home under the pretence of doing her job, thereby neglecting her duties in her matrimonial home.

No date has been fixed for the hearing.


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