Friday, 21 November 2014

University Lecture stabs student on his left eye in Calabar.

I just got a mail from a student in Unical where this incident happened. 
According to the eye witness,
A student of Computer Science Department of University of Calabar name withheld almost lost his sight after a notorious lecturer known as Chris Otu in the Department of Economics, University of Calabar stabbed him with his-car key during lecture hour.

According to an eye-withness Mr Otu was supposed to have a class with year 3 students of Computer Science Department by, today 21 Nov. but he failed to appear after keeping the students waiting for two hours, he later appeared by 12-noon.

After the lecturer's arrival, the waiting students assembled themselves at the lecture venue New CES building room 7 behind Unical Library.

The victimised student (name withheld) who is the lecturer's class rep. took white board markers to the lecturer (Mr. Otu) which is a regular routine in various Universities in Nigeria. But the lecturer for no reason premeditatedly used a book in his hand to hit the student on his head and as if that was not enough, he stabbed him with his car key and walked him out of the class.

The injury was bleeding profusely when the lecturer who felt zero remorse told the injured student and other students in the class to go and ask around who he is.

Mr Chris Otu who lost one of his eyes during a battle is believed to be an ex-cultist and because this is Nigeria, he claims nothing can be done to him.

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  1. Miss Morgan...... ...........23 November 2014 at 05:17

    So True Oooooh!! University Of Calabar Is So Messed Up, Am Ex-Malabress I Know What I Passed Through There And The Guy In Question Is A Friend.... Unical Lecturers Nawa