Friday, 5 December 2014

Mercy aigbe stuns in new photos for Abbyke Domina's Celebrity Look.

Actress Mercy Aigbe for celebrity shot
Mercy Aigbe-Gentry covers the 'Celebrity Shoot' By Fashion Designer and stylist By Abbyke Domina.

Read excerpts from the interview when you continue 

Can We Meet You?
– I am Mercy Aigbe Gentry, a nollywood movie actress and producer.
What Does Fashion Mean To You?
– Fashion to me means a way of expressing yourself through your outward appearance. Looking stylish and trendy.
Who is an African Woman?
– An African woman is beautiful inside out, a strong woman who is perfect in her imperfections.
How do you dress? According to your mood or the trends?
– Where I'm going to matters and atimes I go with trends, and atimes my mood influences my dressing.
Your worse fashion day?
– The day I saw a picture of me on a red carpet , where my bra strap showed. I was embarrassed.


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