Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sexy in Black and White! Check out new pictures of Ghanaian beauty Juliet ibrahim

This has got to be one of her best looks ever!! Black and white and a matching red lips is the ultimate look!! Hehehe 

She shared these pictures to promo her new single Sholala ft  amon! 
 In a recent post on IG she also talked so beautifully about how Tonto dike helped her into nollywood. 

Read how she put it when you continue: 

"Now see, this is a true friend and colleague. Most people don't know how sweet and kindhearted you are and how I will never have to even ask u or beg u to do me any kind of favor whatsoever! @tontolet because of your kind nature you are where you are today!Without you Tonto Dikeh there would have been no Juliet Ibrahim in Nollywood at the particular time you helped me enter the industry. I always speak about this to people. No other actress in ur shoes at that time Wld hv done this for another Cus she Wld hv felt I am coming to compete with her. My darling; you are the best! #teamwinning #Godforusall thanks for being a friend hun ����"

Who knew Tonto dike was this good? 

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