Sunday, 14 December 2014

Top Actresses Genevieve Nnaji and Ebube Nwagbo talks about why they are still now married

Marriage is an extremely touchy topic for women who are perceived to have reached the marriageable age in our society not to talk of actresses who are always in the lime light.

Pretty and successful actresses Genevieve Nnaji and Ebube Nwagbo in a recent chat with vanguard talked about why they were still single. 

Read the excerpts when you continue:  

"The reason is that I am someone who has always believed in love. It is a big deal to me so if I have to do it, it has to be right. I am a strong believer of love. I get lots of proposals; it is so crazy I do not know who to give a chance to. I think it is a price I have to pay for stardom.
"Sometimes when anybody comes my way, I do not know who wants to be with me for the right reasons. I believe when that day comes, I will definitely figure out who that person is. It is not easy.
"What I should be talking about is not relationship but marriage. I want to go into marriage and be in it for ever. No one goes into marriage thinking of divorce, but it happens. We try our best.
"I think I am kind of scared, but I just have to give it a try whether I like it or not. It just has to happen and happen right; at the right time."

And from Genevieve, here is what she had to say about being single at 35

"If I get married, I really want to stay married and staying married is not an easy thing. It means you are completely in tune with your partner."

"It means you have found your soulmate because you will have to be able to stand a lot of disappointments that would definitely come but then again you have to learn to forgive," she added.

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