Tuesday, 3 February 2015

See first pictures from nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe's final burial rites

I keep saying this, i learnt it 3years ago when my mum died, two very important lessons that are not taught in schools. One that not everyone will grow old, and two not everyone will be mega rich. 
We chase the things of life so much that we end up forgetting to actually live life. 

I started writing movie scripts when i was in my junior secondary school and i remember having muna obiekwe pictured in my head as i wrote the prince part of the movie where Oge Okoye would play the spoilt princess and chioma Chukwuka will be the girl the prince will fall in love with.  
But hey!!! He didnt even make it to act my script out. Thats life for you. 

I hope we all actually have the opportunity to live life and find happiness and love. 

I saw the pictures of him laying in state and just couldnt post it. 

He was finally laid to rest in his hometown Umudioka in Anambra state. 
Eternal rest unto him lord! 


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