Sunday, 22 March 2015

Former Anoretic shares photos to discourage people from eating disorder

A former anorexia sufferer has bravely released shocking pictures of how she used to look in a bid to raise awareness about the dangers of eating disorders. Determined Beth Cowan, 19, who weighed just 6 stone 3lb, lived on just an apple a day and would spend hours running on a treadmill to try and shrink her tiny body.

With a BMI of just 13.2, she was dangerously underweight. But now, after beating her demons and gaining weight, Beth has shared shocking snaps, which she hopes will help other sufferers.

The trainee teacher, told the Sunday Sun: "I was 16 and still at school. I do not know how it started - there was no specific cause. I just started restricting what I ate. I would go on a treadmill for an hour and eat an apple a day. Then, I was in Newcastle's Marks and Spencer when I walked past a mirror and I could not believe how skinny I was. People used to say I looked like I was dying. I went to the doctors- I knew I needed to do something or I would not be able to have kids. The disease took everything away from me".

So dangerous was her condition that she could no longer attend school and had to be taught at home. Now that she is gradually recovering, she wants everyone to know eating disorder can kill.



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