Friday, 13 March 2015

Nigeria for Nigerians!!!Whatever happened to being your brother's keeper.

Being a makeup artist means you have to wake up and leave your house at the oddest hours. So as i left my house this morning by 6, rushing to meet up with my clients for 7:30, i saw this bus catch fire right in my very eyes.
What was bad is the vehicle had no extinguisher and different other vehicles passed the bus like nothing was happening. How can people just do that? What will it cost you to help out, bring out your extinguisher, help a brother in need? I and my cab man came down and helped pour sand at the burning vehicle. Then i had to step back alittle when more men joined the rescue team.

The world can only get better when you lend out a helping hand just as you would want to receive one in your time of need.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. True.... If each one could reach one and each one could teach one, what a better place the world would be.... God help us. #Peace

  2. That's noble of you Isy,its high time we started watching each others back