Thursday, 27 March 2014

Shocking: read the story of a 39year old woman who died after injecting Vaseline into her boobs to make them bigger

The extent to which self obsession can lead to death is just really extreme. Every one loves to look good and get compliments and all but injecting vaseline into your boobs???? That has just cost Sonia her life,

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An 39 year old amateur athlete,Sonia Perez Llanzon, died after injecting Vaseline into her breasts to make them bigger.After injecting it, she was admitted to hospital with breathing problems and eventually suffered a fatal blood clot in her lung
Julio Pla, head of surgery at Lucio Molas Hospital, said:
'The dead woman arrived at hospital with injuries to her breasts.She denied everything at first but then confessed she had injected Vaseline into them.I've never seen a case like this. The human body has antibodies to remove bacteria and viruses but it hasn't got any mechanisms against this type of product.Other people using vaseline like this are putting themselves in danger.'
A friend said: 'She was obsessed with her appearance.'
Injecting vaseline into the penis or breasts to make it bigger has been tagged very dangerous by Doctors Injuries consists of severe deformations caused by tissue damage and erectile dysfunction.



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