Saturday, 25 April 2015

What fake bag saga? Tonto dike goes ahead to spoil herself with a brand new designer bag.

Lol i dont know what to think if the whole issue but you see these celebrities have massive issues.if she knew she could walk into a store and get a new bag that she wouldnt have any reason to question the authenticity, why settle for the supplier who brings both the replicas and originals?
Trying to cut corners i see.


If you are lost or wondering why this picture is News to me, please see my last post.

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  1. Have been following the whole drama that's been going on between a designer,Dencia, Toyin and the rest. Here is what I think, Tonto is just a drama queen, I kinda now believe the supplier because her actions afterwards has a Lotta meaning, burning the stuffs and sending the video, it's just so silly off her,i love her still sha