Monday, 15 June 2015

Help! My cheat of a Naija bf has showed me pepper..

Ok so i saw this post on one of the blogs i follow and just couldnt help but post this. What rubbish!! Lol women are just in it in this life of cheating men. Its unbelievable that the saying all men cheat is not a lie... The ones that are still saintly are like that cause they havent been caught.

The worst part is the women see it as a responsibility to make up excuses for these men.

Dear God,

Please read this narrative when you continue:

This my story… My first naija bf has showed me pepper. I usually date white guys so I said let me give my naija men a chance after 7 years in the UK. so here it goes...

Started seeing this guy in 2013. As usual he was a saint at the beginning within 6 weeks of the relationship I burrowed him £600 because he didn't have enough for his rent. In my head I was supporting my bf because we were dating. A month later he was kicked out of his apartment because the guy staying in his apartment tried using someone's card to pay the rent. So as a good GF I offered my bf to move into mine. Did I mention I noticed my bf wasn't working and he was into 419 and smokes weed like 8 times a day.

Sha the relationship was still very new and I was busy making excuses for his behaviuor. So before I new it he moved into mine and about a month later he asked me for another £600, which I gave him because he promised to pay back. So I got a summer job. Sometimes I work 7 days a week. My so called bf then wasn't working I talked him into going back to his old job which he did and only worked for 1 day when he came back he kept complaining of the cold and depression of his job because he works in a hospital. I was like ok o.

Sha I left him to do as he pleases. I would leave work to come and make my so-called bf lunch when I can. This guy would just be chilling all he does all day is sleep and smoke weed. After sometime I started getting frustrated so I started asking him for money for food at least let him contribute in something. Every time I ask him for money he would be angry. I would tell him go and find a job he would tell me to go and find him a job. I was like shuooo. Sometimes after much arguing he would give me whatever he feels like. I would take it.

After sometime my flat mate got angry saying she wasn't comfortable with my bf living with us so I decided to move out into a 2 bed 2 bath apartment. Of course the bf moved in with me that was when I realized the bf was serious about not getting a job or helping towards any bill. He told me he hasn't got money but he had the money to fix his car and he always had money to buy weed. I was so frustrated then boom the worse happened I found out I was pregnant. I told the bf did I mention he had a kid already with a white girl. So Sha I told him at first he was like he doesn't mind me having the baby. Then he woke up one day and told me if am keeping the baby I should be ready to do everything by myself and look after the baby alone.

I decided to keep the baby also out of frustration Sha I went to visit my ex fling when I was pregnant. NOTHING HAPPENED I DID NOT EVEN HUG THE GUY. The bf found out about it I explained and he didn't say anything, on the first of July last year he went for a surgery me i was just happy to see him leave the house because I was tired of him at home 24/7. Sha i didn't go to see him at the hospital. He came back home was angry so he beat me up. I called the cops and they kicked him out of my apartment.

We didn't speak for about 2 months the bf came back begging and apologizing. Did i mention he was now jumping from one woman's house to another. When ever he comes to mine and wants to stay for too long i chase him away. Sha I found out he was staying with a Kenyan girl. His mum called me talking about going to pay my dowry at the end of the year, this was after i had given birth i was like ok as the right thing to do. So when i found out he was staying with this kenyan girl i called his mum and reported him to her.

My dad was so angry he called my bf's mum to caution her son and that her son needs financial help and they should send him money. The mum called him and started shouting at him and the bf then told the mum all sorts about me. The mum has never called me again and has said it can never work between I and her son. Sha i don't know how the bf or ex now managed to get a house o. Sha he denied ever sleeping with the Kenyan girl but he was staying with her and she was cooking and cleaning for him. He was sleeping with me and other girls when I was pregnant. He got a house now don't know how so I went and begged him for the sake of my daughter to make peace and lets try again he agreed less than 2 weeks into trying again the same day i left his house he was seen in town playing love with another girl.

I asked him and of course he denied and abused me saying i gossip too much. At this point i can't even cry anymore as I feel like i have seen it all. so we broke up he still comes around mine to see his daughter nothing intimate has happened between us. Then he turned 30 and that night I don't know what entered his head me I was trying to sleep and he was just trying to fill me up and all. I was like pls leave me alone o. The girls you are carrying are they not enough for you. Thankfully i was on my period so nothing happened.

Stella I am tired I am not going to lie i care a lot about this guy. The feelings have tripled since I had my daughter.

This guy is always calling girls, he doesn't call them in front of me but he makes sure am aware he is texting girls smiling stupidly and all. for the past 5 days he has being staying at mine cos he rented off his apartment. we sleep on the same bed. We haven't had sex but we cuddle and all. Even I don't think he knows what he wants. How do i cut him 100% away from my life like I know i need to move on but he keeps using my daughter to come to mine and look for my trouble and confuse me emotionally. He would go fuck girls then come back to mine to stay. I don't know what he is thinking or what he sees me as now. He barely gives me money for our daughter.

According to him i didn't treat him well when he was staying at mine and I was wicked. I have played the past a million times in my head to see how I was wicked but can't see how i was. This guy stayed in my house for a year and never contributed £1 towards the rent or bills in my apartment. his excuse was he wasn't making money anymore from his 419 business. I am NOT A UGLY GIRL. I left a working doctor for this guy. but still no appreciation. I am now 26 home 24/7 looking after our 6 months old daughter alone.

Please biko how do I move on from this mess and this guy. Its embarrassing when people ask who is the father of my child because this guy is well known and is always seen carrying a new chick everyday. He has told me not to wait for him and i can go and fuck whoever i want but when he comes to mine i catch him going through my stuffs to see whether i am seeing another man.. like am confused.. what does he want????PLEASE I Need your advice…..


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