Monday, 15 June 2015

Men will always be men!! Maje Ayida..... Slap yourself in the face. Lol

Maje Ayida cant go on and deny he never knew any anita solomon as his past has come to eat him up now. Fastforward 8 years later... I deliberately didnt post any gist on the toke saga cause i cant even start to imagine her pain but seeing this made me just want to punch Mr Maje Ayida in the face.

Yes Toke Makinwa's husband got his ex girlfriend pregnant (apparently she wasnt his ex if they were still sexing).

Toke has been putting up a strong hold but she must be really hurting inside.

Why do men cheat? Sometimes love is unreliable. Sighs

Imagecredit: SDK

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  1. Even my mum keep telling me same thing, men will always be men, that you've not caught a man means he's good at the game, she will say, work hard,make your own money,be successful, fall in love /get married to one you can make excuses for/tolerate especially when the cheating game starts ...